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Top 5 groundbreaking products of 2010 (very, very personal selection)

The Apple iPad

Not an eBook, not a phone, not a TV, not a magazine, but all of it at the same time and more (the “Revlution” ad video). And it’s “just” the beginning of a new development that will change multiple industries. Expect a long way to go (ad that compares it to the Kindle).



.. will change the way we use high performance applications, very smart concept for online game advertising and much more.

OnLive, see above.


The Philips SNP 6000 Presenter


A digital presenter with 3D motion sensor to wirelessly control a mouse pointer, for unter 70 USD. To quote the box: “I’ll make you famous”.

Zenzi wooden briquettes

One just has to love the rural feel about this industrial product made from scrapes. I haven’t compared the price to real wood, but assume the markup is giant. Convenience rules!


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